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Are you having a hard time finding a great, secular homeschool science curriculum? It can be tricky when most homeschool curriculum is produced by faith based companies. BUT there are some incredible secular science curriculums out there!

What does secular mean?

This is how I use the word secular in reference to homeschool science curriculum:

  • Secular curriculum is not written from a religious worldview or influenced by it.
  • It must include all widely accepted scientific theories.
  • It must not teach intelligent design (this is not scientific or accepted by the scientific community).

In other words, secular homeschool science curriculum will only teach real science. I’m also only going to include full curriculum on this list, not unit studies.

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Elementary Secular Science Curriculum (K-8)

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, Vol 1, K-2

This is the curriculum that we use and LOVE! It is well rounded because it integrates all the major scientific disciplines. The lessons center on real life, hands-on experiences, observations, and discussions. The main book is a must have. I read it before each lesson to make sure I fully understand what I’ll be teaching. I also like having the companion book, Early Elementary Science Education to reference during lessons though.

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, Vol II, 3-5

This is the second volume for grades 3 to 5. It uses the same format as the previous BFSU volume and keeps building on the concepts taught in the first volume. Dr. Nebel does recommend that you start with the first book even if your child is older than traditional K-2 students.

Middle School Science Education, BFSU, Vol III, 6-8

This just continues the progression from the previous volumes and continues to build kids understanding of science in a natural way.

BFSU is obviously my top pick for secular homeschool science curriculum.

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REAL Science Odyssey

Each course focusses on 1 or 2 scientific disciplines for a whole year. This curriculum is more open and go, but still includes a lot of experimentation because hands-on learning is the best way for kids (and really anyone) to learn science.

Level 1:

Level 2:

This is a really popular secular homeschool science curriculum. I’ve downloaded the free samples and they look great. The only reason I didn’t go with this curriculum is because I wanted a more integrated approach to science, but if you like the idea of studying the same thing in depth for a year then this is the curriculum for you!

Moving Beyond the Page

This is another spiraling science curriculum that covers multiple scientific disciplines throughout each year. Moving Beyond the Page utilizes a hands-on, inquiry based approach to science. They also include books to go along with each unit.

Mystery Science

This is an online subscription that you can usually get for free the first year. This could be a good curriculum for you if you like computer based lessons. It doesn’t seem to be as in depth as some of the other curriculums on this list, but I think it’s still a viable option for elementary science education.

Singapore Science

It seems like everyone has heard of Singapore Math, but did you know they also have a secular science curriculum? It’s set-up in a similar way to their math curriculum with textbooks, student workbooks, and teacher books.

Science Fusion

This curriculum is used in public school classrooms, but they also work with homeschoolers!

Prentice Hall Science Explorer

These are middle school science books that are often used in public school classrooms.

Next Level Homeschool

These are online classes taught by a former homeschooling mom. Her kids graduated, but she didn’t want to stop teaching, so she started Next Level Homeschool. There are some interesting, unique offerings here!

Blossom and Root

This is a science curriculum that takes a bit of a different approach and would be a good fit for those who prefer a Charlotte Mason or Waldorf feel. It looks like an interesting and engaging science curriculum for grades K-3.

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Secular Homeschool Science Curriculum

Of all the secular homeschool science curriculums listed above, the two that I recommend most are Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding or REAL Science Odyssey. These two curriculums are thorough and use hand-on learning as their basis for teaching science.

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