pictures of the four seasons with text overlay that says Rhythms of the Year Preschool Curriculum

Seasonal Preschool Curriculum for ages 3 to 5

Rhythms of the Year is a seasonal preschool curriculum that consists of 4 twelve week unit studies: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. It is completely secular.

Each week of the unit study is built around a theme with a book and activities.

This is a light and playful introduction to structured learning for ages 3 to 5. You won’t be sitting at a table all day or doing busy work with your preschooler. Instead, you will be tuning into the natural Rhythms of the Year and enjoying guided learning time with your child.

Each Rhythms of the Year Preschool Curriculum Unit Includes:

  • A weekly book that the week’s theme is built around
  • Circle Time materials
  • Action Verse – simple poems written by us with actions and movements incorporated
  • Art & Craft Projects – fun and simple projects perfect for 3 to 5 year olds
  • Hands-On Activities – play based STEM activities
  • Cooking – a weekly recipe
  • Poetry – a weekly poem that you can use for poetry teatime
  • Nature Study – use the included Seasonal Observations Journal
  • Field Trip suggestions
  • Optional related books you can check out from the library

Rhythms of the Year Preschool Curriculum Units

Autumn Unit Study – Available NOW!!!

Winter Unit Study – Coming Soon

Spring Unit Study – Coming Soon

Summer Unit Study – Coming Soon

Free Sample of Rhythms of the Year

Choosing a curriculum can be so challenging! I want you to be confident in your decision, so you can get a free sample of Rhythms of the Year Preschool Curriculum. You’ll get 1 full week with accompanying activities! Just enter your information below to get your free sample!

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Spine Books Used in All Unit Studies

Autumn Unit Study Weekly Book List

  1. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
  2. From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!
  3. Leaf Trouble
  4. We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt
  5. The Little Red Hen
  6. Otis and the Scarecrow
  7. Too Many Pumpkins
  8. Room on the Broom
  9. King Jack and the Dragon
  10. If You Give a Moose a Muffin
  11. Bear Has a Story to Tell
  12. Give Thanks for Each Day

Rhythms of the Year Preschool Curriculum

This is a playful, gentle introduction to homeschooling for both child and parent. This will give you the guidance you need to develop a family rhythm that includes structured learning time.

Buy Rhythms of the Year to get in tune with nature, have fun teaching your preschooler, and start your child’s homeschooling journey in a nurturing, positive way!

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