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Find a Secular Language Arts Curriculum

Use this list to choose a secular language arts curriculum to use in your homeschool. This is a comprehensive list of quality curriculum that you can choose from and know that they are secular!

I’ll share briefly about any of the curriculums that I have used and link to my full reviews.

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Language Arts covers a wide range of areas:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Handwriting
  • Vocabulary
  • Literature

Some curriculum only cover one of these areas, some cover multiple, rarely will you find a curriculum that actually covers all of them though.

What does secular mean?

Before moving further, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with this. To qualify as secular, a curriculum cannot allow religion to influence the content. This means there is not scripture in the curriculum. There are no religious stories being taught as fact or religious rules being taught.

All in One Language Arts Curriculum

These secular language arts curriculums vary in their approach to teaching reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. Look at the website, read some reviews and decide if that approach would resonate with you and your family.

Logic of English

Logic of English is a full phonics, reading, handwriting, grammar and spelling curriculum. They have 2 levels: Foundations (for ages 4-7) and Essentials (for ages 8+). This is an excellent curriculum for teaching reading through phonics, handwriting, grammar, and spelling. It doesn’t cover topics like writing essays or creative writing though.

Foundations includes readers and essentials has a reader component, but neither of them cover literature.

I highly recommend using LOE Foundations for grades K-2. It is made to teach reading in the best way possible and it’s fun! Plus it also includes handwriting, grammar, and spelling.

Read my full LOE Foundations Review: Best Reading Curriculum for K-2 Homeschoolers

Brave Writer

Brave Writer is excellent for teaching the parent how to encourage kids’ writing. This is a great option for grades 2 and up, but I wouldn’t recommend it for teaching kids how to read. It’s great for literature, writing, and grammar though.

Brave Writer is a very relaxed curriculum and doesn’t resonate with everyone, so definitely explore it to see if it would fit for you. There are many free samples on the website to help you get a good idea.

Michael Clay Thompson

This is a language arts curriculum encompassing grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetry, and literature. It’s best for 3rd or 4th grade through high school.

Critical Thinking Company

Homeschool Mom Planner

Secular Reading Curriculum

Because phonics based reading instruction is the only approach supported by science, I will only be listing phonics based curriculum here.

Logic of English

This was included in the all-in-one section and you can see more details there. I highly recommend this curriculum for teaching your kids to read.

Explode the Code

This is a phonics curriculum that has either a workbook format or online format.

All About Reading

This is another phonics based curriculum to teach reading.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

This book is widely used by homeschoolers to teach kids to read, but I hear the same sentiment repeated over and over – it’s boring.

Progressive Phonics

Reading Eggs – 25% off

Secular Spelling Curriculum

All About Spelling

Evan-Moor Spelling

Soaring with Spelling

Spelling You See

Nessy Reading and Spelling

Secular Writing Curriculum

Brave Writer

This was discussed some above, but is worth mentioning again because it’s focus really is on writing and the approach it takes is enjoyed by many people.

Write Shop (Jr. and Primary)

The Primary and Junior levels of Write Shop look like a fun writing curriculum. These are the only levels that are secular.

Writing with Ease

This is a classical curriculum for elementary students or older students who struggle with writing. Some begin this curriculum in first grade, others wait until later grades. There are 4 levels:

Writing with Skill

This curriculum is for older students in middle or high school. There are 3 levels that each have an instructor’s guide and workbook.

Winning with Writing

This curriculum has 8 levels that correspond with grade level.


Essentials in Writing


Secular Grammar Curriculum

First Language Lessons

This grammar curriculum from Well Trained Mind has 4 levels for elementary students. It uses a classical approach to teaching.

Growing with Grammar

Evan-Moor Grammar

Grammar Galaxy


A fun online game to teach kids grammar! Click here to get 50% off.

Secular Vocabulary Curriculum

Evan-Moor Vocabulary

Wordly Wise

WordBuild Vocabulary

Secular Literature Based Curriculum

These are a different type of curriculum, but still worth including here. Each of these curriculum include multiple subjects along with language arts.

Moving Beyond the Page

Build Your Library


Blossom and Root

Secular Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum

And there you have it, a list of all the wonderful secular language arts curriculum available!

Need more secular homeschool resources?

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