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You spent time searching for the perfect curriculum. You ordered it and have it all planned out. But now you’re a month in and it’s just not working. It feels like a chore, no one is enjoying it, and you hate to think that you wasted time and money on it. Don’t worry. There is hope! This is what you should do when a curriculum isn’t working for you.

Most homeschool parents have been through this. You are not alone! Sometimes a curriculum just isn’t the right fit. BUT it is possible to fix this and turn it around for good. It’s just going to take a little extra work on your part.

3 Steps to Take When a Curriculum Isn’t a Good Fit

Follow these 3 steps to fix your curriculum problems!

Step 1: Identify the Problem

If you haven’t yet, take some time to identify the problem you’re having with this particular curriculum. Really take some time to think about this so that you can figure out exactly what you don’t like about the curriculum.

Some possibilities:

  • Too Much Busywork
  • Too Many Hands-on Projects
  • Not Enough Hands-on Projects
  • Not Enough Depth
  • Feels Disjointed & Scattered

Or maybe there is a totally different problem for you. Whatever it is, just identify it and write it down if you need to.

Step 2: Fix the Problem

Now that you know exactly why you don’t like this curriculum, you can try to alter it so that it’s no longer a problem. This is one thing I like most about homeschooling, we don’t have to use materials exactly as they’re written! You can change and adjust things.

Here are some examples of problems and simple fixes:

If your curriculum has too much busywork, just drop some of it. Simply ignore some of the busywork and don’t do it! It’s ok, especially if you like the curriculum otherwise. You could use this same fix for having too many hands on projects.

If your curriculum doesn’t have enough hands on projects, you could simply utilize google and Pinterest to find extra related projects for your learner. This does require more work from you, but it can bring life to an otherwise decent curriculum that just lacks the hands-on element. You can do the same if you feel like there isn’t enough depth to a curriculum. Simply add more projects or related books from the library.

If these 2 steps work for you then you don’t need to do the third step. Just get back to using your modified curriculum. BUT if you can’t seem to fix the curriculum, move on to step 2.

Step 3: Ditch It!

There does come a time when it is clear a curriculum just won’t work for you. If it goes against your life philosophy or belief, it’s likely not useable.

The final problem I identified above was a curriculum that feels disjointed and scattered, like it lacks a solid focus. This is one of the most difficult problems to fix, and usually it’s not possible. This is another instance where I would say you should probably just ditch it because it’s not well made.

I know, giving up on a curriculum is hard to do when you’ve invested money and time into it. BUT you also don’t want to struggle through the year with a curriculum that you don’t like.

Homeschool curriculum has great resale value. Jump on Facebook and join the Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace to sell that unwanted curriculum. And list it in any local homeschool groups too!

Then Find a Curriculum You’ll Love!

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Now you know what to do when a curriculum isn’t working for you.

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