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Fun New Year Activities for Kids

New Year is such an exciting time for everyone! It’s the fresh start we need after the holidays. In addition to a fun family New Year party, this is the perfect time to teach kids about goal setting. There are so many great New Year activities for kids!

New Year Activities to Teach Goal Setting to Kids

Help your kids set their intentions & goals for the New Year with the New Year Activity Pack! It’s now been updated for 2024!

This free printable includes:

  • New Year Resolution Page
  • Reflecting on Last Year Page
  • Reading Challenge Tracker
  • Acts of Kindness Tracker
  • Outside Adventure Tracker

Get the free printable & do it with your kids the first week of the new year. Then your kids can use the challenge trackers throughout the year to keep records for the goals your kids made.

Use the reflections page to reflect on the previous year, record a favorite memory, and how you grew.

With the New Year Resolution page, you can set your intentions for the coming year and make goals.

Set a goal for how many books you’ll read this year. Each individual could make their own goal or you could have a family goal for read alouds. There are a few different pages with different numbers of books for the goal. I included these amounts in the reading challenge tracking pages: 365 picture books, 100 books, 52 books, 25 books, 12 books. Choose the one that fits your goals best!

For the acts of kindness tracker, you will color in lines on a heart for each act of kindness you do.

For the outside adventure tracker you’ll color in a section of a hot air balloon for each day you spend some time outside.

I would suggest putting the tracking pages somewhere your kids will see them every day so they stay motivated to reach the goals they set for the new year.

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New Year Books for Kids

There are some great books for kids about different aspects of the New Year from making resolutions to New Year traditions around the world. Check out these New Year books for kids:

New Year’s Eve Party Activities for Kids

There are so many fun things you can do to make a New Year’s Eve Party fun for kids! Many kids just won’t be able to stay up until midnight, so you might want to have a mock countdown earlier in the evening with the kids. Try some of these activities with your kids.

A New Year’s Eve party is also the perfect time to play games! I’ve shared our favorite family board and card games here.

New Year Recipes to Make with Kids

No party is complete without some special food! Make these sweet treats or a traditional meal with your kids to celebrate New Year.

A traditional southern New Year’s Recipe that goes with the book Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas, is Hoppin John.

For dessert you could do Vasilopita Cake, a traditional Greek recipe that you can learn more about here.

Some other fun recipe ideas for your New Year’s Party:

New Year Activities for Kids

Have fun celebrating the New Year with your kids by using the New Year Activity Pack Printable & planning a great New Year’s Eve Party for your family!

Set your intentions for the New Year & teach your kids how to set goals and work toward them consistently.

Free New Year Activity Pack notebook and papers