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Choosing First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

What first grade curriculum are you going to use? Assembling all the best curriculum that fits your family and your learner can be a daunting task. There are so many different curriculums to choose from. First you have to decide which subjects you need to teach. 

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What Subjects to Teach in First Grade

You’ll want to consult your state website to see which, if any, subjects are required for first grade. Personally we chose to teach these:

  • Language Arts
  • Handwriting
  • Literature
  • Math
  • History
  • Science

Don’t forget the enrichment subjects!

  • Art
  • Music
  • Crafts
  • PE

These are the subjects we personally choose to teach in first grade. You might choose less or more subjects or enrichment activities to include in  your first grade homeschool day.

First Grade Curriculum

Once we knew which subjects we wanted to cover this year, it helped us narrow down our curriculum choices. We are secular homeschoolers, so we only use secular homeschool curriculum.

Language Arts & Handwriting

We have 1 curriculum for both language arts and handwriting, and we absolutely LOVE IT!

We use Logic of English Foundations.

Different kids may progress through this program at different paces. With my oldest, Dominic, in kindergarten he completed Foundations A & B. In first grade he will completed Foundations C. Then D in second grade.

My second, Graham, did Foundations A in PreK, B & C in kindergarten, then D in first grade.

Just start when your kids are ready and go at their pace!

Foundations Covers - links to Logic of English website

There are so many reasons why we LOVE this program.

  1. It’s FUN & Active!
  2. It Covers
    1. Phonics
    2. Reading
    3. Handwriting
    4. Spelling
  3. It WORKS!

Just to be honest, I had NO IDEA how to teach my kids to read. I didn’t know how to approach it or help them understand how to get from knowing letters or sounds to reading words & sentences. Logic of English Foundations has taken all the guesswork out for me. Plus it’s open & go for me. I don’t have to do any prep work! It is a staple curriculum that I will be using for ALL of my kids.

Read my full Review of Logic of English Foundations

For extra writing practice, I’ve made a printable workbook of 100 Writing Prompts for Elementary Grades. It has the beginnings of a picture that the student will finish drawing and coloring, a word bank for hard-to-spell words, primary lines, and a reminder at the bottom for kids to check their work! You can get the 100 Writing Prompts workbook here in my shop!


We love read aloud time in the afternoon and before bed, so we tend to read lots of books throughout a year. Some favorites during the first grade year:

Please don’t feel like you need to read all of those. These are just books that we read and enjoyed during the first grade year.

History & Mythology

We are using both Curiosity Chronicles: Ancient History and History Quest Early Times. They are both new secular history curriculum! We are really enjoying them. They compliment each other because they cover everything in different ways, each with its own emphasis. Using both makes our study of history more well rounded.

First Grade history & mythology books

We’re also using the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. These books compliment each other really well and I definitely recommend adding the encyclopedia to round out your studies and reinforce what they’re learning.

In first grade we will also be studying mythology of the various ancient cultures that we’ll be learning about this year. Our main spine for this is World Myths & Legends. This book includes some myths along with projects that connect to them. We’ll also be adding more specific books that cover mythology from each of the ancient civilization we’ll be studying.


We’re also using our favorite Kids Art Books for art projects and art history.


We use Right Start Math Level B in first grade. It’s an excellent hands-on curriculum that includes games! My kids also like playing Prodigy Math for extra practice.


Science is one of the trickiest subjects for secular homeschoolers. So many curriculums are sneaky and claim to be secular when they aren’t. But we have found a GREAT secular science curriculum: Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding K-2. This is one curriculum that does take planning. It can be confusing to figure out how to use it, which is why I highly suggest you also get Early Elementary Science Education which takes the first book & breaks it down into a schedule with lesson plans!

It’s a very affordable, thorough curriculum that approaches science in an interdisciplinary way, layering the lessons so that they each build on each other to help get a fully informed picture of science.

If the prep work seems like too much with this curriculum then I would highly recommend REAL Science Odyssey.


We have joined Prodigies Music & do music lessons 3+ times a week all together. It’s fun & is a great, thorough curriculum.

In addition to this, one of my kids takes piano lessons online at Hoffman Academy.


We keep PE simple by doing Cosmic Kids Yoga, playing outside, going on hikes, and taking trips to the park.

Secular First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Those are our first grade curriculum choices! We are LOVING all of our curriculum choices & are so excited to dig in deeper in all of these subjects.

What curriculum are you using for first grade?

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