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Homeschoolers have often been rightly accused of sheltering children too much. We cannot shelter our children from the reality of the world. Nor should we want to. They grow into adults quickly, and it is our duty to ensure that they become adults who seek the truth and call out injustice when they see it.

All of us need to teach our children about the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

It can be hard to know how to do this, especially with younger kids. The majority of children who are at least 5 years old should learn about this event. Here are some resources that you can use to teach your kids about the Capitol riot. I recommend previewing all of these resources to make sure they are appropriate for you children to see.

On BBC you can get a visual overview of the events that took place and led to the riot on January 6, 2021. This is a timeline of events with pictures and videos.

Read Heather Cox Richardson’s essays on Facebook. She is a political historian who uses her historical knowledge to discuss current events. This would be best for parents and teenagers to read.

PBS News Hour: 3 Ways to Teach the Insurrection at the US Capitol – This is an excellent resource.

Video made by ITV

Facing History Guide on the Insurrection at the US Capitol

Time for Kids: Chaos at the Capitol

NPR: What to Say to Kids When the News Is Scary

Today’s Events Must be Discussed in Every Classroom

From the National Education Association: Talking to Kids About the Attack on the Capitol

Beyond the Stoplight: Resources for Teachers on the Days After the Attack on the US Capitol

Use this resource to teach kids a good understanding of the election process. This is important contextual information that kids may need to get a deeper understanding, plus it’s just important for American people to understand the election process.

Use these great resources to show kids what happened and talk to them about it.

I know that it’s hard to do this. It’s hard to have to teach about difficult topics, but we must do it. We can’t shy away from this.

Current events are important. Politics are important. Voting is important. For more resources on teaching kids about the US Government, civics, and current events click here.

Teach your kids to seek truth and justice.