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Secular Homeschool Math Curriculum

It’s far easier to find secular math curriculum for homeschooling than any other subject. In order to qualify as secular, a curriculum cannot present any religion as true or correct. There are some important things to consider when looking at math curriculum.

Mastery vs Spiral Math Curriculum

A mastery based approach means that the student would be expected to fully comprehend a concept or problem type before moving on to the next type. In a spiral approach students are introduced to a concept or topic many times, each time gaining deeper understanding. Spiral curriculum also includes regular review.

Those are the 2 main distinctions on type of math curriculum. One is not necessarily better than the other.

Common Core Math

There is a misconception about common core math. Common Core is actually a set of standards for both math and language arts. These standards were developed to assure that American students are learning and understanding concepts at a deeper level. Common Core is a good thing! Don’t be afraid of a curriculum that uses Common Core standards.

Click here to read more about why this approach to teaching math is better for kids.

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Elementary (K-8) Secular Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers

RightStart Math

This is my top choice for elementary math curriculum! It is hands-on, includes games, and emphasizes understanding and problem solving without rote memorization.

Take the placement test to see which level you should choose.

You will need to purchase the math manipulatives set, which will be used for all of the RightStart levels. Then choose the appropriate level according to the placement test.

The levels are A through H, which generally correlates to grades K-7.

RightStart™ Mathematics

Wild Math

Take the learning outside with this fun, hands-on curriculum! Grades K-5 are currently available.

Singapore Math

This is a workbook based math program that has grades K-8. They include suggestions for manipulative use throughout the curriculum. There are 2 sets, Primary Mathematics and Dimensions Math. They are equally good programs. They are working to add dimensions math video lessons to go along with the textbook and workbooks.

Shiller Math

This is a Montessori math program that includes all the hands-on materials and teaching manuals. They have 2 sets.

Math Mammoth

This math curriculum is workbook based and has grades K-7 available.

Math in Focus

This is a Singapore math program for grades K-8. It is textbook and workbook based.

Beast Academy

This is workbook based and has 4 levels for grades 2 through 6. The guidebook is presented in comic book form, which makes it highly engaging. It also has an online option. This is a great curriculum!

Saxon Math

This is a texbook based curriculum for grades K-8 plus Algebra 1 and 2.

Miquon Math

A hands-on curriculum for grades 1-3.

Critical Thinking Company

Engage NY

Match Fishtank

MEP Math

High School Secular Math Curriculum

Many high school math curriculum are online. There just aren’t as many textbook and workbook options available for high school math, so you can see more under the online math section below.

Art of Problem Solving

This is a highly recommended math curriculum for grades 5 through 12. They have both textbook/workbook and online options.

Saxon Math

This is a texbook based curriculum that has high school math.

Math Without Borders

Engage NY

Match Fishtank

Online Secular Math Curriculum

CTC Math

This is an online math curriculum with grades K-12 available.

Thinkwell Math

This curriculum is online and has grades 6-12.

Redbird Math

This curriculum is online and covers grades K-7.

Mr. D Math

This company offers both self-paced or virtual classroom instruction for middle and high school students.

Beast Academy

A highly engaging math curriculum for grades 2-6 that is fully online.

Art of Problem Solving

Online classroom setting for grades 5-12.

Khan Academy

Online math curriculum for grades K-12.

Derek Owens

Teaching Textbooks

Unlock Math



Supplemental Online Math Games & Apps

There are some great apps and online games available that help reinforce math concepts. Many of them are lots of fun for kids!

Conclusion: Secular Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers

There are many great homeschool math curricula to choose from. The one you choose will depend on how you wish to approach math, and whether you want to teach your kids yourself or have someone else teach it online.

Math is a subject that many people dislike or always felt that they weren’t good at it. Personally, I always felt like I could pass a test, but I didn’t really understand the math I was doing. I knew I didn’t want my kids to feel the same about math, which is why I chose to begin teaching them math with RightStart Math.

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