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You’ve seen all kinds of unit studies. What if you can’t find the topic you are looking for though? You can create your own unit study! In order for a unit study to be more than just a lite overview, you have to make sure that it has all the right elements.

These are the things that you will need to make the best unity study on your topic.

  • Encyclopedia
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Fiction Books
  • Field Trips

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You will need to carefully choose each of these things to make a cohesive unit study that dives deep into the subject you’re studying!


Most of the time you will want to have a good encyclopedia for your unit study. Sometimes one online will suffice. I recommend searching your local library and Amazon to find one that will be the right fit for you & the unit study you are creating.

The encyclopedia will give you a good foundation for your unit study.

Non-Fiction Books

With any topic you will also be able to find many unique non-fiction books that will help you dive into the details.

The non-fiction books you pick will provide the meat of your unit study.

Hands-On Activities & Crafts

These are the projects that will solidify everything you are learning! This gives your kids the opportunity to make or do something that relates to what they are learning. Sometimes it’s a simple as making a lapbook or a simple craft. Other times it will be an extended, involved project.

Use Google & Pinterest to find these projects and craft activities that go with the unit study you are creating. You can also come up with projects on your own or let your kids design their own project!


There’s just something special about playing a game relating to a topic. See if you can find a game that will go with your unit study. If not, it’s not a big deal, but if you can find one, it will be extra fun!

Fiction Books

A good historical fiction or story that relates to your unit study is an excellent addition. For young kids, this is also a perfect opportunity to add in leveled readers that go with your unit study.

Field Trips

Getting out into the world and experiencing what you have been studying will deepen the learning and it will become so much more meaningful to you and your kids. Travel some if you need to! Make it special and enjoy the natural learning that will take place during the field trip.


Pop some popcorn, get cozy on the couch with your kids, and enjoy a good documentary that goes with your unit study topic! And remember, don’t just watch it, also talk about it afterward! Let your kids lead the conversation and explore the new information presented in the documentary.

We often find great documentaries on Curiosity Stream or Netflix.

Create a Unit Study

Now you know how to create a unit study! It does take a bit of research, but it can lead to some of the best learning experiences with your kids! You’ll be able to tailor the unit study to your kids and your family in the most wonderful way.

Now pick a topic that you and your kids want to learn more about & make that unit study!

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