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Why did you decide to start homeschooling? Everyone has their own reasons for homeschooling. One of the most beautiful things about homeschooling is that it makes learning a part of everyday life. We get to help our kids get a meaningful education! But, especially for parents who went to traditional schools, it can be hard to figure out how to do this and not slip into doing “school at home”. This is where the Brave Writer Lifestyle comes in! You can transform your homeschool by utilizing the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

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There are many aspects to the Brave Writer Lifestyle, today I’m going to share our favorites – the ones that have made the biggest difference in our life!

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Elements of the Brave Writer Lifestyle

There are many different elements  you can pick and choose from to incorporate into your life. These are our favorite ones that we include in our life regularly.

Poetry Teatime

All 3 of my boys LOVE Poetry Teatime! We do it every Tuesday afternoon, bake a yummy treat, have tea (or hot chocolate), and choose a poetry book to read together!

This is such a sweet time spent together, where we can slow down, work together in the kitchen to make good food, and have fun! We usually read fun poetry geared specifically toward kids. We also really enjoy Poetry for Young People

Dominic and Graham often work on memorizing a poem or portion of a poem too.

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Read Aloud

In my family, we are all big on books. We love reading. Read aloud time usually happens about 3 times per day for us! I read to the kids during morning basket time and then again during the afternoon. Then my husband, Steve reads to them at bedtime.

Since our kids are still young, we read a variety of picture books and chapter books.

You certainly don’t have to be like us doing read aloud 3 times a day. Instead you might find once or twice a day works well. Audiobooks are also a great option and we enjoy those as well!

Big Juicy Conversations

Let your reading aloud and poetry teatime lead into big juicy conversations. Get into a conversation with your kids. Discuss hard things! Move past the facts and talk about the ideas and the content.

For example, when reading Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast during poetry teatime, my boys noticed that the drawing of the Iguanodon was wrong. We had previously read another book about how new paleontological discoveries have shown us that previous ideas about dinosaurs were wrong and that this poetry book was published before the new discoveries were made.

This led to an amazing in-depth big juicy conversation about dinosaurs and science.

All kinds of things can lead to these big juicy conversations, from books to movies and art to playing at the park. Lean into them and enjoy this deep, natural learning with your kids.


Because my kids are still really young, we haven’t yet made freewrite a regular part of our week. However, we have done it whenever Dominic has been interested. I scribe for him and we work together since he is still learning how to write.

You could incorporate it every week with Friday Freewrite for you and your kids.

Nature Journal

Getting out into nature with kids is such an important part of life. It lifts everyones moods and can be calming. Being in nature will get you connect to the world around you.

Including nature study in your life and having a nature journal doesn’t have to be intimidating. You don’t have to be an amazing artist or even know what type of plants or animals you’re looking at. Take your phone or a local field guide, get a simple nature journal or just a notebook and enjoy yourself!

We bought this Kid’s Nature Journal & love it!

Writing Projects

We have used and enjoyed Brave Writer’s Jot It Down program for our writing projects.

Brave Writer offers curriculum for writing projects for all ages!

Movies & TV

Intentionally having family movie nights or watching TV shows with your kids is an excellent part of homeschooling. Pick good, quality movies and shows, pop some popcorn and enjoy!

You can use these as jumping off points for big juicy conversations, discussions of plot and character, and to compare it to books or other adaptations of the same story.

Enjoy Learning with the Brave Writer Lifestyle

Choose from all the amazing aspects of the Brave Writer Lifestyle to transform your homeschool and make learning enjoyable for your whole family!

Click here to get more free information about the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

And if you want more practical resources for implementing the Brave Writer Lifestyle, pick up Julie Bogart’s new book, Brave Learner!


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