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Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill, but weren’t sure where to turn? Are you looking for amazing electives for your homeschool kids? Then it’s time to explore the world of online classes! From photography to history and graphic design to writing, there are courses to meet all kinds of interests. Build new skills for fun or to eventually use in a new job.

Most of these online classes are free or very affordable. I love taking online classes and have developed my ability as a photographer exclusively through online classes and practice. Browse the sites yourself or with your kids to find the classes that you want to take!

Free online classes for adults and kids. Learn a new skill, explore interests, start a new hobby!

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Online Classes for Homeschoolers & Parents

For Both Kids & Adults


CreativeLive is an amazing education platform for creatives. They cover photography, videography, sound and music engineering, running a business, art, design, and craft. The live classes are free and you can find their live class schedule here. They also offer paid classes that you can work through at your own pace. While these classes are geared toward adults, kids 10 and up could also take them and learn new skills or dive deeper into current interests.

CreativeLive also offers an incredible monthly or yearly subscription called the Creator Pass which gives you access to 1500+ of their top classes.


Want to take a class taught by a celebrity? MasterClass is the answer! Let Neil Gaiman teach you how to tell a story. Take a cooking class taught by Gordon Ramsey. Learn conservation from Dr. Jane Goodall.

There are classes on many different topics: acting, filmmaking, games, sports, music and performance, writing, culinary, design, photography, fashion, business, politics, and society. Kids could join you in taking many of these classes!

Go find your favorite celebrity teaching a class on something you’re interested in to get started! You can choose to purchase just 1 class or go with the awesome All-Access Pass – which is an incredible deal!

Clickin Moms

Clickin Moms was the first place that I turned to to learn photography. The community is supportive, helpful, and really pushes you to grow and learn. They have photography classes and break-out session for everyone from the beginner to the advanced photographer. Learn composition, how to shoot in manual mode, edit your photos beautifully, find your voice as an artist and so much more!

These classes are geared toward moms, but anyone age 10+ could take them.

Go find a class to take! Then leave a comment to let me know what you chose!

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Want to learn something new? Introduce an enrichment class for your kids? Check out this awesome list of online classes for parents and kids. There's something for everyone!