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You will never stumble into success. Success doesn’t just happen, you must put in the work. Working on random tasks also isn’t the answer. You must first set goals to achieve success.

But you know what? Most people set the wrong type of goals. REALLY!

Goals should not be vague. Goals should not sound like dreams.

Goal setting can be so challenging. Try this new method to set goals to achieve success.

Instead, goals should be actionable steps you can take in order to make your dreams become reality.

You should be able to control whether or not you can meet your goals.

Take this blog as an example. This blog is my business, therefore, I have goals and dreams associated with it.

My Big Dreams for my blog:

  • Make $5,000 per month
  • Get at least 100,000 page views per month
  • Help other moms and families achieve success in homeschooling & life

Many people would call those goals, but they really aren’t. Those are dreams. Those are the things that I hope to accomplish with my blog, but they are too nebulous to be my goals.

Goals are formed when you ask yourself what you can DO to achieve your dreams.

Your goals should be exact actions you can take that should lead to success. You might have to do a bit of research to figure out what actionable steps you can take to reach your dreams.

To achieve the big dreams I have for my blog, these are the goals I will set:

  • Publish 3 posts per week
  • Use Pinterest daily
  • Keep Working through the Elite Blog Academy Course
  • Serve my audience with free printables and workbooks and put opt-ins on all of my posts for them
  • Create my first product to sell

Works for All Aspects of Life

You can use this method and set goals to achieve success in all aspects of life! From homeschooling to self-care and from house keeping to working from home. From saving money to paying off debt. This method will help you actually reach your dreams because you will have a path to follow to reach them!

How to Set Goals to Achieve Success

  • Write Down Your Dreams
  • Ask what you can DO to make those dreams a reality.
  • Write down practical goals you can accomplish daily or weekly.

You can be successful, you just have to set practical, actionable goals and hustle to meet them!

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Goal setting can be so challenging. Try this new method to set goals to achieve success.