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The best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Homeschooling Families

One of the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member is getting exclusive deals on Amazon Prime Day. In 2021, Prime Day is June 21-22. You definitely don’t want to miss it! These are all the best Prime Day deals for homeschoolers.

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First Join Amazon Prime

You can click here to get a 30 day free trial membership and get all the prime benefits including Prime Day deals!

Prime Day Electronics Deals for Homeschoolers

Kindle Deals

We love using Amazon’s Kindles and Kindle Fires for homeschooling, reading, and entertainment. There are many great educational apps available, and it’s so easy for kids to read ebooks checked out from your library or purchased on Amazon.

Kindle Fire

Save now on these great kids tablets! The 2 models I recommend are:

Kids Kindle – 41% off

This Kids Kindle is just for reading! No distractions or temptations, plus it includes tons of great kids books for free. And you can easily get ebooks from your library and send them to your kindle to read!

Kindle Paperwhite – Save $50

I love using my Kindle Paperwhite for read aloud time with my kids and reading books for fun just for myself. They’re also waterproof, which is awesome. I highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite as a good e-reader!

Chromebook – up to 55% off

Chromebooks are great computers for homeschooling. They’re simple and fairly inexpensive. And they’ve improved a ton! There are some great options that will make fantastic computers for you or your kids.

Amazon Echo

One of my favorite things is pairing my Audible subscription with a smart speaker! It’s so easy to listen to a book or music with the Amazon Echo. There are a few different versions available.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer – 22% off

I highly recommend using one of these with my Nature Study Journal! It’s a great way to capture interesting finds in nature and add them to your journal easily.

Prime Day Subscription Deals for Homeschoolers

Kindle Unlimited

You can read tons of great books with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Get your first 6 months 50% off here!

Audible Subscription

There are often times when I just want to sit back and listen to a book with my kids instead of reading it aloud. Or sometimes the audiobook is so well narrated that I just can’t pass it up! I regularly check out audiobooks from the library, but sometimes the wait is just too long or they don’t have the book I want.

That’s where the Audible Subscription comes in! It’s much cheaper to have an Audible subscription to get books we want or need than buy them individually.

Right now you can get a 12 month Audible Subscription for over 40% off! A seriously great deal!

STEM Toys – Up to 30% off

These will make great birthday or Christmas gifts! Plus they’re educational, so you can use them as part of homeschooling. Click here to see the full list of STEM toys here.

Rock Tumbler Kit

We have one of these and it’s so cool! My kids loved doing this and seeing how the rocks changed over the month. Here’s a picture of when we took them out the first time.

three hands holding rocks in their palms

Fossil Dig Kit

If one of your kids is into Paleontology or Archeology, then you definitely need to get a fossil dig kit!

Earth Science Kit

Rocks, geodes, and a volcano are all included in this kit! You can do over 15 science experiments with your kids.

SNAP Circuits

These kits are awesome for learning about electronics and how circuits work.


You’ll quickly find that you will need one of these while teaching science. Get this great deal on one!


My boys have played with Magna-Tiles since they were 2 years old and still play with them now. It’s one toy that I think every family needs!

Pattern Blocks – 50% off

Preschool Toys

There are tons of great learning and pretend play toys for preschoolers!

Osmo Games – up to 50% off

We LOVE the Osmo Educational Games system. I highly recommend that homeschoolers get some of these games. The hands on elements take it beyond a great learning app and make it concrete.

Click here to read my review of Osmo Games.

Click here to learn more about the different Osmo Games – some awesome new ones too!

Math Manipulatives – 20% off

These are great for teaching math in a hands-on way!

Liquid Watercolor – 20% off

We love the vibrant colors we get with liquid watercolor paint. It’s really fun to use and get creative with!

Instant Pot – 33% off

Homeschooling moms are BUSY! Dinner is much easier with an Instant Pot. Seriously if you don’t have one, get one. I waited way too long and just got one last year. I wish I had gotten one sooner.


Kingdomino – 20% off

This is one of our favorite family games! It’s fun, develops strategic thinking skills, and math skills!

Catan Junior – 33% off

Skillmatics Trivia Games – 20% off

There are 7 different topical packs of trivia cards to choose from!

Phase 10 – 30% off

Tall Tales Storytelling Board Game – 30% off

Chess – 25% off

No Stress Chess – 44% off

Great for teaching how to play Chess!

Disney Eye Found It Card Game – 40% off

Buy 2, get 1 Half Off on Books

Subscription Boxes

Up to 60% off Subscription Boxes for kids!

Nat Geo Kids Magazine

This is an incredible deal! A 6 month subscription for just $5!!!

Highlights Magazine

Great deal! 4 month subscription for just $0.99!!!

Highlights High Five

Another great magazine deal! A 4 month subscription for just $0.99!!

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