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Look at any homeschool group on Facebook and you will find countless people asking, “How long should I homeschool each day?” And then you’ll also find many comments saying, “1 Hour is plenty of time!” Guess what: 1 hour of homeschooling a day is NOT enough. Even in Kindergarten – it’s not enough.

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So many people fall into the trap of believing that all they need to teach their kids is reading, writing, and arithmetic. If you only cover those 3 subjects, you’re missing out on so many wonderful things! Kids need science and history. They need to learn art and music. They need a well rounded, rich education. And there is no way to do that in only 1 hour a day.

To teach reading, math, history, science, art, and writing in 1 hour per day, you could only spend 10 minutes on each subject! WHAT??? How could you really teach anything in that amount of time? You definitely couldn’t ever do any science experiments or hands-on projects because those take WAY longer than 10 minutes.

So let’s drop this narrative that homeschooling only takes 1 hour per day. It’s just not true.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying you need to have your kids sitting at a desk for 6 hours a day. You do not need to do school at home. You don’t need to use worksheets and busy work. You can still follow your child’s interests and bring new and exciting things to them as well.

It is our job as homeschool parents to ensure that our kids get a quality education! And that takes TIME! More time than 1 hour per day.

How Much Time Should You Homeschool Per Day

Obviously this does vary depending on age a little bit, but not as much as you might think!

From Kindergarten through 8th grade, you should aim for 4 hours of homeschooling per day. This is often adequate in high school as well, but depends on the students and the course of study.

The way each family approaches teaching will look different. Some days you might read a book, others do a hands on project, or watch a video. Look for opportunities to experience things in real life. Don’t limit yourself to sitting at a table or desk doing worksheets.

The optimal homeschool schedule will have you doing intentional learning 4 hours per day, 4 days a week.

4 Hour Per Day Homeschool

What subjects should you be covering in these 4 hours per day?

Math – 30 Minutes Per Day

Language Arts – 30 Minutes Per Day

Science – 30 Minutes Per Day or 1 Hour 2x a Week

History – 30 Minutes Per Day or 1 Hour 2x a Week

PE – 30 Minutes Per Day

Art – 30 Minutes 2x a Week

Music – 30 Minutes 2x a Week

Read Aloud – 30 Minutes Per Day

Special Extras – 30 Minutes Per Day

There are all kinds of extra, special subjects you can add to your homeschool schedule. These are the things that help make your homeschool magical. Here are some ideas:

  • Poetry Teatime
  • Nature Walk/Study
  • Gameschool
  • Character Development
  • Growth Mindset
  • Seasonal Study

What does that 30 minutes look like? Well it can look like pretty much anything! Maybe you read a book, do a hands-on project, watch a video, do research online, play a game, etc.

Part of the reason why I suggest 30 minutes for subjects like history and science is so that you also have plenty of time for your kids to ask questions or just let them talk to you about the subject.

You don’t have to be teaching for 30 minutes straight, but I do think that is an optimal amount of time for kids to settle into a subject and think about it so they can interact with it instead of just consume it.

You see now that you couldn’t possibly cover each subject adequately by homeschooling for 1 hour per day! It would be impossible to achieve any depth in your child’s education. With 4 hours per day, you will be able to dive deeper and enjoy the learning process more!

Only 4 Days a Week

I highly recommend having a 4 day a week homeschool schedule for the above subjects. The 5th day should be spent doing different kinds of learning. You might go on a field trip, participate in a homeschool co-op, or take other homeschool classes offered in your community.

Homeschooling for 1 Hour a Day is Not Enough

Don’t buy into the lie that you can give your child a quality education in only 1 hour per day. It’s just not true. You need to create a homeschool schedule that gives you 4 hours per day, 4 days a week, and plan enrichment activities and classes for the 5th day.

Do you need help making a plan?

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