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It’s easy for parents to get into a routine and go through the motions without really investing in their kids. I know I’m guilty of this. I’ll get busy and just keep checking off the boxes without really connecting with my kids. Do you do this too? Come along on this journey with me to create connection in your homeschool.

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What does creating connection even mean?

You might be wondering what I’m even talking about here. What kind of connection am I talking about and why do you need to do it?

What kind of connection??? A RELATIONSHIP

Kids crave a deep connection with their parents and caregivers. They NEED that to develop well and form good attachments. Yes, this is still important beyond toddlerhood!

The Goal is to Create Connection in Your Homeschool to Develop Deep Relationships with Your Kids

There’s no real prescription for what exactly you should do. Every family is different, every person is unique. The way you create connection will be exclusive to your particular family! And that is beautiful!

Show an Interest in What They Enjoy

All kids have things they are really into and excited about. Things that they want to talk about a lot, watch a lot, or play a lot. And let’s be honest, often those are not things that interest us as adults.

BUT, showing an interest in what your kids enjoy is a great way to create connection in your homeschool!

Listen to them while they talk about it and engage in the conversation. Participate in it with them. Watch the show with them. Take them to get the toy. Show them that you are paying attention and that you can value something simply because they value it!

My 6 year old has been really into Yu-Gi-Oh lately. I really don’t enjoy these old anime shows or the card games. I just find it annoying. However, I don’t tell Dominic that. Instead, I listen to him when he talks about the show or the new cards he made to play the game with his brother. I have sat and watched an episode of the show with him. The next step is playing the game with him.

Each of these things creates connection throughout the day with my son. He loves it when I take the time to show an interest in the things he is enjoying right now.

Think about things that your kids are really into and start intentionally showing an interest in them.

Start Doing Something New Together

Another fun way to create connection in your homeschool is to start something new with your kids. You could start watching a show that you only watch when you’re all together.

You could learn how to play a new game or cook together. Start a new family hobby or learn to play an instrument together.

Since Dominic is 6 now, we thought it was time to introduce him to the WiiU. My husband, Steve, and I used to play it a lot when we were first married, but hadn’t played it in years. Now we’ve been making a point to regularly play games with Dominic. It has made him SO HAPPY! He’s having a blast and we’re having fun with him.

Pick something that you think you will all enjoy doing together, and invite your kids along. Tell them it’s special. Show them that you are wanting to form a deeper connection with them through a shared interest. And if the first thing you picked doesn’t take, just pick something else!

Go Somewhere Together

Experiences make lasting memories and strengthen relationships. These experiences can be local or you could travel to them. Both are wonderful for families bonding and have great educational value for homeschooling!

Visit Local Places:

  • farms
  • history museums
  • art museums
  • zoos
  • theme parks
  • science museums
  • nature preserves
  • aquariums
  • botanical gardens
  • new restaurants
  • sports games
  • concerts
  • plays
  • ballets
  • movie theater
  • other special events


  • National Parks
  • Famous Historical Sites
  • Take Fun Vacations
  • Go Camping
  • Go Somewhere New

Experiencing new things together is like nothing else when it comes to forming connections as a family!

Create Connection in Your Homeschool

These are 3 Great Ways to Create Connection in Your Homeschool

  1. Show An Interest in What They Enjoy
  2. Start Doing Something New Together
  3. Go Somewhere Together

Employing these 3 things in your life will help you remember to be intentional in your relationship with your kids and the atmosphere you are creating in your homeschool!

Now start brainstorming ideas of how you can use each of these things in your unique family! If you’re ready to jump in take the 7 Day Activity Challenge from Kid Minds.

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