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The dreaded “What about socialization?” question. I’m sure as a homeschool family, you’ve heard it many times. And you know what? It’s a valid question! I know, I know, it’s annoying. It seems like a silly question. I mean obviously you do socialize! BUT it can be hard to make friends & you have to make sure it happens. So how do you find your homeschool tribe?

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Do a little research. Find a Facebook group for local homeschoolers. Ask questions there to learn about what your town or city has to offer for homeschoolers. Ask about co-ops.

I’m constantly finding out about new classes, activities, and co-ops for homeschoolers all within 30 minutes of my house. It’s AMAZING how much is out there, but I wouldn’t have known without that first step of research.

Where to Find Your Homeschool Tribe

  1. Co-Op
  2. Homeschool Classes & Activities
  3. Extracurricular Activities

Join a Co-Op

What is a co-op? It’s a group of homeschool families that come together and share teaching responsibilities and other volunteer positions needed to keep a group running. Each co-op is unique in how it operates & you can always form your own.

There are at least 10 co-ops close enough that we could participate in them. And I don’t live in a big city! There are likely established co-ops near you that you could join.

It was most important for us to find a co-op within 15 minutes of our house. I also wanted to make sure whichever co-op we joined would not try to indoctrinate my kids into religion. And I was so happy to find exactly what I was looking for only 10 minutes from my house! While it is a Christian co-op, the religion has very little influence on the classes and we have felt SO WELCOME there!

In addition to 1 day a week classes, we also get to participate in field trips, meet-ups and other play dates.

I highly recommend finding a co-op that fits your parenting & education style.

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Homeschool Classes & Activities

These are different from the co-op because they are put on by a business or organization.

These are just some of the homeschool classes & activities near me:

  • Zoo Classes
  • The Muse Classes (hands on children’s museum)
  • The Aquarium has classes
  • Defy (trampoline park)
  • Various Art Classes
  • Various Music Classes
  • Martial Arts Classes
  • Lego Class
  • Swim Lessons or Team

These are all things specifically for homeschoolers! While your kids take a class, you can get to know parents of other children in the class. This is also a great way for your kids to learn something that you wouldn’t be able to teach them.

Take a look around where you live and ask other homeschoolers what your town has available.

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Extracurricular Activities

Remember, you don’t JUST have to make friends with other homeschoolers. Regular extracurricular activities can also be a great place to make friends.

If your kid is interested in playing a sport, that always a great way to make friends.

Regular programming at the local library is another great (& free) option.

Find Your Homeschool Tribe

Put yourself out there, try new things, and you will eventually find your tribe! It is so worth the effort to find likeminded families who you can do things with and develop deep friendships.