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Do you love Christmas??? It’s possibly my favorite time of year. We have all kinds of fun Christmas traditions as a family, and one of them is reading a Christmas book everyday! Over the years, we have found some AMAZING books. These are our 25 Favorite Christmas Books for Kids.

Some of these books are fun and others will give you ALL the feels. Grab a few new books from here to add to your Christmas book rotation!

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Jan Brett

We LOVE all the Jan Brett books. The illustrations are incredible and are so fun to look at, and the stories are great!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This is the Classic Twelve Days of Christmas. Everyone should have at least 1 twelve days of Christmas book!

Who’s The Knocking on Christmas Eve

Discover who’s knocking on the door in this delightful tale & the adventures that come from it.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer

Meet Santa’s reindeer and the young girl who is caring for them. Encourages patience and learning to work with others.

Home for Christmas

A mischievous little troll runs away from home because he doesn’t want to do his chores, but he comes to find that he would rather be home & arrives just in time for Christmas.

Jan Brett has even more Christmas books that you should definitely check out, the ones above are just our absolute favorites!

Christmas Classics

These are the wonderful classic Christmas books and stories that everyone needs to have!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Our family LOVES Charlie Brown. This is the classic Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon, but in book form.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How could you not love the story of the Grinch? This is our kids favorite Christmas book that they ask for almost every day in December!

The Night Before Christmas

This is the exact book that my mom read to me growing up. There’s something very magical about the illustrations in it. And all kids need to be familiar with this classic Christmas poem.

The Christmas Collie

This book gives me ALL THE FEELS! Seriously, I can’t read it without crying, and I’m not really a crier! It’s just so sweet and is definitely a book that I recommend getting!

The Polar Express

Another classic story that all kids should hear!

Christmas Stories with Favorite Characters

There are some great Christmas books for kids featuring favorite, familiar characters. Every kid loves to see a new story with their favorite character!

Spot’s Magical Christmas

My boys love Spot & this is one of their favorite Christmas books that we read over and over throughout December.

Pooh: The Sweetest Christmas

We’re big fans of Winnie the Pooh and this is a fun Christmas story. I picked it up at a used bookstore a few years ago.

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

If you’re a big fan of these Laura Numeroff books, then this is one you must add to your collection!

The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever

Your favorite 2 little mice are at it again in this tale where they both search for the biggest Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

This was one of my favorites as a kid that I’ve passed along to my boys.

Llama Llama Holiday Drama

This book does a great job of exploring all the feelings that kids get with the holidays, and is also a great reminder to us parents to slow down and enjoy the season.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear’s friends help him stay up for Christmas in this fun story.

Snowmen at Christmas

How do snowmen celebrate Christmas? See all the fun & holiday traditions of snowmen in this fun, rhyming book.

More Christmas Favorites

These don’t quite fit in an above category. They aren’t classics or familiar characters, but they are GREAT books!

The Jolly Christmas Postman

We love both this and the original Jolly Postman, where you get to pull out letters sent between your favorite fairy tale characters!

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

A lovely story of how important kindness and grace are.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas

This is another favorite from my own childhood! It’s a scratch & smell story (which is super fun!) and brings up all the cozy Christmas feels for me.

The Story of Santa Claus

This is a wonderful story about the legend of Santa Claus. The book itself is beautiful! It’s also a longer book, so you would probably need to split it up for young kids.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Piñata for the Pinon Tree

This is a very fun rendition of the classic! It’s a Latino inspired version that thoroughly enjoy.

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

This is a wonderful story that shows how one person’s trash can become another’s treasure!

Light of Christmas

Learn the true gift of Christmas: the gift of oneself.

Five Busy Elves

How much work goes into making Christmas happen? Find out in this sweet little book.

25 Favorite Christmas Books for Kids

I highly recommend starting a family tradition of reading lovely and fun Christmas books with your kids. You will create such sweet memories with that they can later share with their own kids through the same books.

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25 favorite Christmas books for kids