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The Best Fall Books for Kids

It’s FALL! And I couldn’t be more excited. Fall brings so many nostalgic feelings for me. These nostalgic memories are ones that I want to create with my kids too. The first step to doing that is to bring the fall season into our daily lives through picture books! I have collected our favorite 20 Fall books for kids.

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Find some new favorites to add to your seasonal fall book rotation.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

This is such a beautiful book that is great for saying goodbye to summer and ushering in the new season. Help kids recognize the changes happening around them, and get excited for all that fall brings!

Too Many Pumpkins

My kids ADORE this book! It’s funny and has such a delightful ending. It’s also the perfect book to read before making any yummy pumpkin baked goods.

Pumpkin Soup

A wonderful story that teaches kids to learn to get along and work together. Plus has a great message about apologizing and forgiveness. All good things to teach our kids, wrapped up in a great story!

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This is a fun, rhythmic book that kids will love saying it with you once they catch on.

Room on the Broom

How can you not LOVE Room on the Broom?! We all love this fun book & the cartoon that was made from it!

Leaf Trouble

This is a cute book about a little squirrel who gets very worried about the trees losing their leaves. He even tries to stick them back on! But in the end he learns that it’s just a natural cycle of life.

Mouse’s First Fall

A story about a little mouse enjoying all the fun things that fall has to offer!

Fall Leaves

This is a beautiful, lyrical book that your kids will come back to to look at the pictures over and over.

Apples and Pumpkins

This is the perfect book to read before you go to the pumpkin patch!

Otis and the Scarecrow

A story of compassion set on a farm in the autumn. Enjoy a lovely story & emphasize compassion as a positive character trait that your kids should strive to show.

Thanking the Moon

Learn about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in this wonderful story.

Every Autumn Comes the Bear

Living in East Tennessee, my family LOVES black bears. This classic tale belongs in every family’s seasonal book basket!

Awesome Autumn

Learn all kinds of awesome facts about fall in this book!

We Gather Together: Celebrating the Harvest Season

Learn about how others celebrate the fall equinox. I love the whole series of these books celebrating each turn of season.

Little Fox’s Surprise

Little Fox plays hide and seek in this cute picture book. Meet his forest friends as you try to find him.

The Biggest Apple Ever

This series of books is cute & there are different ones for every season.

Sophie’s Squash

This is a cute story about a girl & her beloved squash. But what will she do when her squash begins to rot?

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

A fall list just couldn’t be complete without this book! It’s such a fun classic that kids will love, and you can watch the cartoon too!

Llama Llama Trick or Treat

Do your kids love the Llama llama series? Mine do & they love this book too! It’s cute & perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Hoot Howl Halloween

This is a fun book that has sound buttons! My kids LOVE books like this and this one has been a hit here.

Bonus Seasonal Book Set

There are 2 sets of Elsa Beskow books that are great to add to your seasonal book rotation!

Set 1 | Set 2

20 Favorite Fall Books for Kids

We LOVE enjoying a regular seasonal book rotation and now that we’ve been doing it for a few years, it brings back such nostalgic feelings and really helps us get into the spirit of the season.

We typically read these books during morning basket time or in the evening after dinner.

Do you have any favorite fall books that didn’t make the list? Share them with me in the comments, on Facebook, or Instagram!

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