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Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn. Your first few months you will be working many hours for zero dollars. New bloggers usually find this out really quickly, and those first few months can be hard.

Trust me, I know, I started a blog and gave up after only a 3 months in back in 2016. But, I’ve learned some things since then and think they can help you too.

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9 Tips for New Bloggers on How to Stay Motivated

1. Dream Big

Take some time and really let yourself dream. Dream of what you want your blog to accomplish. Think about where you want to be in 1 year. Dream about where you could be in 5 years!

The time you put in now can pay off in the years to come as long as you stick with it!

Try making a Pinterest board where you can save all kinds of things related to your dreams, that way you can look back at it when you’re lacking motivation. Be really specific with what you are pinning.

Want to get out of debt? Pin it!

Want to go on vacation? Pin it!

Dreaming of buying a house? Pin it!

Hope to retire your spouse? Pin it!

Gather all of your dreams in one place and add to them as you think of more. Then if you’re ever feeling unmotivated or wanting to procrastinate on your blog, you can go look at your board and crank up the motivation.

Remember your dreams and set actionable goals to reach them.

2. Set Actionable Goals

Setting real, quantifiable goals that you can do daily or weekly will help you feel a sense of accomplishment which will go a long way towards building motivation to keep going!

Have a visual tracker so that you can see how well you’re doing with your goals.

Goals must be actionable things that you can actually control!

Think of your dream, then write down all the steps you need to take to reach your dream. Make the steps actionable and put a deadline on the steps. These are your goals.

Need more help with goal setting? Check out this post: How to Set Goals to Achieve Success

3. Know Your Why

Why did you start blogging? What is the message you want to share? How do you want to help people?

Reflect on this and imagine the readers you are or will be helping through your blog. They need you to keep going!

Think about your avatar – the one person you are writing to – remember how you are serving them and helping them through their problems.

Now, take that 1 person and remember that if you keep persevering you could multiply that by thousands or millions of people. YOU can help that many people if you stick with it!

4. Change It Up

Do you always write and do marketing tasks in your office? Go into the living room. Leave the house and take your laptop to work at a coffee shop or a park. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to get inspired!

It’s so easy to get stale when we just do the exact same things all the time.

Listening to music or a podcast while blogging can help get you inspired!

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5. Listen to Music or a Podcast

It can be hard to focus in the silence or with kids running around being distracting.

Try listening to music or a podcast while you work.

I find music to be super helpful in staying focussed and productive while writing, plus it’s just super enjoyable! Podcasts are great to listen to while doing other tasks like social media, graphic creation, or marketing.

My favorite thing to listen to while I write is this Epic Movie Soundtrack playlist on YouTube

I LOVE fantasy books, shows and movies, so this playlist is perfect! Another favorite of mine is the Outlander soundtrack.

6. Expand Your Content

Perhaps you’re feeling unmotivated because you’ve backed yourself into the niche corner. You feel stuck because you don’t have enough variety to write about. Don’t get me wrong, finding your niche is good, but it is also possible to get too narrow.

Is there another sub-topic you could write about that relates to one of your categories? Or a new category that relates to your main theme?

Consider whether adding a new element to your blog would be helpful for you.

7. Connect

Connect with your readers through email or social media. Network with other bloggers and get to know your blogging peers!

This can go so far in helping you stay motivated because you are constantly reminded that you are not along & that other people are in it with you!

Networking is vital for new bloggers. It will help you grow your blog and develop awesome relationships with other entrepreneurs!

8. Get Inspired

Speaking of those blogging peers, there are so many successful bloggers out there! Check out some income reports and stories from the beginning of the most successful bloggers journeys. Everyone started from 0 and worked their way up. You can do it too! You’ll also notice that everyone’s journey looks different, be inspired by others, but don’t play the comparison game. Everyone grows at a different rate.

9. Take a Class

It could be that you’re lacking motivation because you don’t really know what to do. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! But thankfully, many have walked this path before you. There are some great classes out there that will help you, inspire you, and get you on track for success.

Recommended Classes for Bloggers

But it doesn’t have to be a class about blogging, instead it could be a class that’s related to your niche!

Check out Creative Live to find classes. They even offer free live classes everyday!

That’s a wrap for the 9 tips to help new bloggers stay motivated. Keep hustling and your hard work will pay off!

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Have you lost motivation because you're not seeing progress as a new blogger? Try these 9 tips for new bloggers to restore your motivation and get back on track to pursuing your dreams.