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Elementary Writing Prompts for Fall

Kids need to regularly practice writing. Just like adults, they can get writers block or just feel intimidated looking at a totally blank page. Kids also get hung up on words they can’t spell. These free fall writing prompts address all of those problems!

16 Pages of Free Fall Writing Prompts for grades K-2

These writing pages are based on story paper.

These 16 pages of fall writing prompts are included:

  1. Picking apples
  2. Squirrel and Acorns
  3. Scarecrow
  4. Pumpkin Patch
  5. Pumpkins in Wagon
  6. Girl standing by 3 pumpkins
  7. Girl holding 1 pumpkin
  8. Girl raking leaves
  9. Boy standing by 3 pumpkins
  10. Boy holding 1 pumpkin
  11. Boy raking leaves
  12. Fall Tree with Leaves
  13. Fall Tree with most leaves fallen
  14. Table with turkey dish
  15. Kids in costumes
  16. Spider web

At the top of the page, they can write their name. Then there is also a word bank with words they might want to use in their writing. There is also space so you can add more words if you need to.

Each page has a box for a picture with one part of the picture completed. They just color it in and finish it however they like!

Then there are primary lines, just enough for them to write a few sentences. If they get excited about writing, you can always add another piece of paper!

At the bottom of the page you’ll see a reminder for the student to check their work for common mistakes. Kids need to learn to do these basic things as they write & learn how to edit their own work.

This checklist includes:

  • Uppercase letter at beginning of sentences
  • Punctuation marks at the end of sentences
  • Draw Picture
  • Appropriate spaces between words

Like these? Get the full set of 100 Writing Prompts for Elementary Grades!

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Use these fun fall writing prompts in your homeschool to get those kids excited about writing!

And remember, if your kids aren’t comfortable writing yet, they can draw the picture and you can write while they dictate!

The important thing to remember is that we want our kids to get creative, practice their handwriting, and get a taste of the writing process. Keep it light. Keep it fun. Be encouraging!

It can also be great for kids to see their parents writing too. You could write alongside your child to show them that it’s a valuable skill to learn.

Need more writing ideas for fall? Try this Thankfulness Paper Chain activity & get the free thankfulness prompts too.

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Free Printable Fall Writing Prompts for K-2 Homeschoolers
Free Printable Fall Writing Prompts for K-2 Homeschoolers text overlay on picture of hand holding pencil and notebook